Trending Features of the Latest Smartphones

Latest smartphones

Smartphones seem to be the dream gadget none can wait to lay hands on. It is enough to tell the obsession around these mobile devices from the crazy in buying when there is a new release into the market. Even with somehow prohibitive prices, the masses are still buying them like no one business. In return, the developers of these devices have not failed their clientele. They add great new features to keep driving the buying spree. And it is working. To understand this craze, let us look into trending features of the latest smartphones.

Invisible water resistance

SmartphoneThere are water resistant smartphones out there. We are not talking about a device that you can carry with you as you shower. No, it is something that you can deep one meter into the water and no damage is done. Well, it is not that there is a smartphone you can take a dive with into the water. But the fact that there is something that can withstand 1-meter water depth then we are moving to the right direction.

Lossless zooming camera

Lossless zooming! This is not possible to have on a mere phone device. That could not be possible a few years ago. Fortunately, it is not true today. You can have a smartphone with 2X zooming without adding any bulk to the phone. These devices now not only come with powerful crystal clear cameras but also a zooming capability with no loss of details. Now that is a big one in the front of smartphones.

30-minute charging

No one manufacturer is making a smartphone that is taking ages to be fully charged. Conventionally, to charge a phone real fast would require more voltage or current supplied to it. However, that is not the approach used by the latest smartphones.

They use the normal voltage at 5 volts but double it up on the amperes. It only takes 30 minutes for your smartphone to suck up enough power juice. A big chunk of good news for anyone on the go and would not think of leaving their smartphone behind.

Close to 5G speed

Gigabit mobile speed is something that has dominated the smartphone wars. Whoever has the fastest device takes the day. Due to that healthy competition, smartphone Internet speed has rapidly grown. Most of the devices are now close to 1000Mbps and there is more room for improvement. That is crazy speed. While we have not yet crossed into 5G, you can comfortably say we are very close now. Embrace yourself to see unbelievable internet speed in the smartphones you will be buying now and shortly.

Impeccable VR capabilities

Are you ready to dive into the world of virtual reality? Now you do not need a complex device to get that. Smartphones have crossed that bridge and you can sit and get the VR experience from your mobile device. While it is only a few of developers who have included that feature, more and more manufacturers will be joining the party soon or later. Your gaming world just came closer home since your smartphone will be all you need.