Top-Rated Sub Ohm Tanks

sub ohm tank

This write-up is going to share the different types of sub ohm tanks on the market today and their key features. The modern vaping tanks are well designed, and they come with replaceable coils. They are perfect for both lung and mouth vaping. These ohm tanks include the following:

Apollo Portal Tank

sub ohm tank

This kit is known for its impressive performance. It is one of the greatest tanks that have a high-quality build. It comes with a top fill feature that makes it easy for use. Its other bonus is a wide selection of coils. Its three main types of coil resistance offer an excellent vaping option. Its easy set up has made an ideal option for new vapers. It is available in different colours. This kit is available into finishes: rubberised and stainless steel. It has a diameter of about 19 mm.

Aspire Cleito Tank

This is considered as one of the best sub ohm tanks. In 2016, this tank was ranked second in the Ecigclick Awards. Many people prefer it because of its fantastic flavour. The only problem with this ohm tank is its huge Clapton coils. Its coils head can serve as the chimney. It can be filled easily by unscrewing its top pieces. It has a 22 mm diameter. Again, its coils are compatible with nearly all the vape box mods. Its vape cuffs are helpful in dissipating heat.

Uwell Crown Ohm Tank

The Uwell Crawn ohm tank is a great, superbly built tank. In 2017 it was ranked second in the Ecigick Awards. It has a stunning flavour. With this unit, the user can easily change the coil when the e-liquid inside the tank. You can either choose a Uwell Crown unit of 2ml or 5 ml capacity. This ohm tank has 24.5 mm diameter. It comes with two coils: 0.4 Ohm and 0.25 ohms.

SMOK TFV12 Prince Ohm Tank

This is one of the latest editions of SMOK. This is an ideal tank for those people who are looking for huge clouds and good flavor. There are many options of coils that can keep the vaper busy. Again, they have another option for those people who prefer building their coils. This is a high-quality product which looks pretty good. It has a 25.5 mm diameter. Furthermore, it is an ideal option for cloud chasers.