Tips for Finding the Best Hunting Headlamps

a man hunting

As the hunting season approaches quite quickly, it is a good idea to take care of your gear. If there is something that must be repaired, ensure you do it on time. If there is something to replace, ensure you get it as soon as possible.

headlamp for huntingMaybe you have a hunting GPS and a pair of hunting boots to keep your feet dry and warm, what about getting the best hunting headlamp? When hunting at night, you need to have the right hunting lights. According to Hunters Tech World, they will not only improve your level of success but can as well improve your safety and level of comfort. The following are some of the tips to consider when choosing one.

Type of Beam

You need the right headlamp provides both spotlight and flood beam. This will help you illuminate objects that are far. In addition, it will offer you a view of the path ahead.


As far as LED lamps are considered, you do not have to measure the watts. Instead, you should use an accurate measure. The lumens measure the light that is emitted from a particular source. Although lumens produced by a given light vary depending on the focus of the source, the higher lumens the better.

Operational Modes

If you can get your headlamp to perform multiple tasks the better. It should have the flood, spotlight, and SOS modes plus the brightness modes as far as white light emitted is concerned. Moreover, it should generate green, blue, or red light. This is necessary if you want to preserve the night vision and not to make the spook your game.

Power Source

A lot of hunting headlamps get their power from the AAA alkaline batteries. This is the industry standard. You can find some that utilize environmental friendly batteries like a lithium-ion battery.


You do not want to have a poorly designed headlamp. This is because it will weigh so much and give you neck aches. It is advisable to choose a headlamp that weighs about 7 ounces when the batteries are installed.

Water Resistance

hunting headlampIf you have a hunting headlamp that is not water-resistant, it may not be any use to you. Although it does not have to be fully waterproof, it should at least withstand a depth of 30 meters water. Also, when using it on snow, it should function without being affected.